Are you struggling to effectively translate the developer productivity benefits into quantifiable business outcomes?

According to Gartner, sixty-three percent of organizations are piloting, deploying or have already deployed AI code assistants. Further, Gartner states that software engineering leaders struggle to communicate the tools’ full value to executives, who focus narrowly on time savings and cost reduction.

This research helps leaders articulate the breadth of benefits by reframing the conversation from cost reduction to value creation, as they build their business case for scaled rollout.

Get Gartner recommendations for:

  • How to build a value story that goes deeper than time savings
  • How to quantify the impact of improved software quality, enhanced developer experience and faster time to market
  • How to create an ROI model (with examples)

Source: Gartner, How to Communicate the Value of AI Code Assistants, By Philip Walsh, Tigran Egiazarov, 21 March 2024

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