A GenAI Case Study for Software Engineering Leaders

AI Coding Assistant Comparison: A Data-Driven Bakeoff

Struggling to justify the cost of AI-driven development tools for your engineering team? Unsure which product to pursue? You're not alone. With the rise of automated coding solutions promising to make our teams more productive, many companies hesitate to invest without clear evidence of ROI. 

In this exclusive case study, a data protection company partners with Faros AI to conduct a data-driven evaluation of GitHub Copilot vs. Amazon Q Developer, formally CodeWhisperer.

Read this report to discover the impact of AI coding efficiency:

  • A head-to-head showdown: We compare both AI coding assistants across key metrics such as adoption, usage, and developer satisfaction.
  • A hands-down winner: See the impressive impact of their chosen tool.
    • 2x higher adoption and impact
    • 2x acceptance rate
    • 3 more hours saved per week per developer 
    • 12% higher developer satisfaction
  • Beyond the bakeoff: Learn how the company expanded the pilot with the winner to measure the benefits of AI in coding.

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Take a 5-minute tour of the Copilot Evaluation dashboards used in this case study

Faros AI is a SaaS solution that’s quick and easy to set up to start your AI coding assistant comparison today. Faros AI expertly ingests telemetry from coding assistants, responses from developer surveys, and additional data from SDLC tools to evaluate AI pair programming tools like GitHub Copilot, Amazon Q Developer (formally Amazon CodeWhisperer) and more. Dashboards light up instantly to illustrate the impact on engineering productivity and developer satisfaction.

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